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Aventyr AutoGUARD

AutoGUARD is a scalable enterprise physical security platform.

Combined with our Virtual Security Guards service, it gives you ultimate peace of mind with total control.

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AI Powered Thermal Camera

State of the art thermal cameras detect threats with impeccable accuracy. AI-powered cloud monitoring enables smart alerts for flagged persons or vehicles.

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Facial Recognition

License Plate Reader

Rapid Threat Response

Virtual guards monitor security camera footage 24/7 and immediately contact authorities to stop & arrest threat actor. 

7 Min Police Arrival

Two Way Audio

Strobe Light

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License Plate Reader

Always Connected

AutoGUARD units are wireless, allowing for flexible deployment in any type of setting. Built to last and with a constant connection, our AutoGUARDS never sleep.

24h Backup Power


Cellular Modem

Solar Cell

Insurance Intelligence

AutoGUARDs can be equipped with sensors that detect natural disaster occurrences such as flood or fire. 

Flood Sensor

Fire Sensor

PPE Compliance


Real-time protection.
Real, trusted agents.

Control It All From Anywhere

Get notifications, see what’s happening in real-time, remotely activate your lights or security siren, and control all your devices from one simple dashboard in the App.

Brings Wifi to Any Site

Each AutoGUARD works like a mobile hotspot, creating a Wifi network that has a 24/7 LTE internet connection4.

Set Up and Go

Take the lightweight, durable system from site to site and set it up without any extra tools. Easily add more Ring devices and accessories for peace of mind in every corner.

Add Backup Power

Keep your system ready to protect, even if the power goes out with the optional 24hr lithium ion battery pack

AutoGUARD Connectivity Concierge

AutoGUARDs cloud platform enables you to access cameras and manage smart-alerts from anywhere. Sleep just got much more peaceful.

Tune into AutoGUARD cameras and view live or historical footage from anywhere.

Footage accessible via phone or computer.

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Aventyr AutoGUARD footage has been shared with you. Click This Link to view.

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Your Aventyr AutoGUARD has sent you an alert!

Temperature sensors have detected an anomaly at Site A, main entrance. 

Click Here to view cameras & sensor data.

Win One Free Month of AutoGUARD Services.  

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Recently Faced a Break in?

Get a Free AutoGUARD


Insurance Approved by Underwriter Laboratories of Canada

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (UL Canada) is an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization.

Aventyr AutoGUARD remote monitoring services have been tested and approved by UL Canada for 24/7 site security services.

Client Testimonials


Chad Moen

Project Manager


"What an Amazing Difference"

"We had several theft and break-in incidents at our site with full time security guards."

"Now with Aventyr's cameras, thieves can't even cross the property line before the cameras notice, our team gets notified, and police are called to the scene."

"I am sold."

Current Promotion

Free 30 Day Trial.

Try an AutoGUARD out for yourself.

We pay shipping both
ways. within BC 

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